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The long-term experience in trailer manufacturing and good financial situation of Respo Haagised AS have enabled us to concentrate on increasing the efficiency and quality of sheet metal processing, which is one of the main foundations of contemporary trailer manufacturing.
In 2009, we implemented a high-technology digit-programmable sheet metal production line called PivaPunch that came with automatic roll-feed devices for sheet steel and a stacking device for stacking various product parts.
The whole facility, including the necessary software, cost approximately 460 000 Euros, 183 400 of which came as a grant from Enterprise Estonia.
The devices considerably expand the possibilities of product-development relating to metal sheet processing by offering innovative solutions taking into account the intended purpose, construction and functionality of the trailers.
The automatic working cycle of the new device begins with unrolling the roll of metal sheet and straightening it and ends with storing the ready-to-be-assembled product parts.
Besides serial production, machine's excellent working speed, efficiency and flexibility enable us to concentrate on "just-in-time" products, i.e. the production is based on current market demands.

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